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Continental Group began its journey in 1977 with “Continental Progressive Industries Ltd.” However, the major portfolio of Continental Group, “Continental Courier Services LTD, inaugurated in 1983. Late M. Ruhul Amin Chisty, former chairman of Continental Group, has pioneered the concept of courier services in Bangladesh, starting with only 14 sales and distribution stations and a workforce of 45 employees (at the time of inception).

Continental Courier Services has built its market by providing door-to-door document and parcel delivery within the shortest possible time, a service that was not available in Bangladesh at the time of its inception. As a result, the market grew rapidly and others followed the footsteps of Continental, but Continental remains at the top in terms of market share and assures the best quality of service in the country, till date. Rapidly expanding its network all over Bangladesh, Continental is still the largest network in the country.

Continental Courier Services LTD

Continental Courier Service began its operations with no more than 45 employees divided between 14 sales and distribution stations. Today, Continental Courier Service holds its reputation with thousands of employees, sub-agencies, sales and distribution stations; withholding its place of the largest courier network in Bangladesh.

Continental Courier Services

Courier Services: The first of its kind in the country, it was established in the year 1983. Over a period of 33 years, the company grew with 114 zonal offices and thousands of sub-agencies, run by a well-trained workforce, covering even the most remote places in the country.

Parcel Services:  Starting its operations in 2004 with only 24 vehicles, Continental Parcel Service has widened its network with the help of a growing number of vehicles. For its safe, quick and timely delivery, Continental Parcel Service is trusted by the largest companies of Bangladesh for the distribution of their products and equipment’s.

Innovation of Continental Courier:

a) On Board Courier (OBC): ‘On Board Courier’ is an initiative of Continental Courier Service. Though OBC, Continental organizes and ensures delivery of its customers’ consignment within division and inter-division, rather than receiving all its consignments in the central sorting station at Dhaka. Furthermore, a staff member is designated with every shipment to ensure on-time delivery.
b) Weather Proof Bag: “Weather and Pilferage Proof” bags, also known as “Poly Bags” are used in order to ensure protection of our customers’ consignments. Multiple sizes are provided as per the requirement of customers.
c) Top Urgent Service:  ‘Top Urgent’ services for are provided for customers who need an immediate delivery for their documents. Under this service, if a document is shipped Dhaka-Dhaka, it will be delivered within 1-4 hours and noon of the following day for rest of the country.
Domestic Coverage:  Continental has the largest sales and distribution network in Bangladesh, for example, there are 140 agencies in the Dhaka Metropolitan area.

Distribution Process:

International Coverage

Through Continental Courier Services Ltd.’s International section, reliable, cost-effective and time-definite door-to-door express delivery is provided to worldwide destinations. Continental Courier Services covers all over the world, through its international hubs in Dubai, Singapore and India. Continental provides also import express services from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and etc. Continental Courier Services Ltd maintains and ensures transit times and has strategic alliances with several top-ranking international couriers.


1.  Air Continental

Air Continental is involved in overseas travel services. Engaged with many well-known domestic and international airlines and travel partners, a professionally trained staff aims to guide you through all your travel needs. Air Continental provides services for all essential travel needs including; airline ticket sales, visa processing, tour operation, hotel reservation and etc.

2.  Continental Filling Station

The Continental Filling station is located at the outskirts of Dhaka City, on the way Dhaka-Chittagong highway, the busiest route in Bangladesh. Providing facilities of CNG, Diesel and Octane for all surface vehicles.


Managing Director: Mr. M. Nurul Imran Chisty has obtained his MBA from Victoria University USA. He has 20 years of experience in various fields of business mainly in Domestic and International Courier Services. He takes part in day-to-day business activities including company operations and financial administration. With his visionary leadership, he enters in innovative ventures and projects to promote the courier service right up to the doorsteps of the citizens living in the remotest places of Bangladesh. Not only so, Mr. Chisty aims to startup more innovative sister-concerns of Continental Courier as a part of Continental Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being a reputed group, Continental has regular CSR practices, having contributed and developing many educational and religious institutes through its “Amin-Monuza Trust.” Continental also assists disadvantaged women from rural areas in the country, in order to eradicate poverty from the society. A brief list follows:

1. Primary School: Ruhul Amin Chisty Primary School
2. Yusuf Ali Qari Hafizia Madrasah

Chisty Nibash Jame Masjid

1. Sewing Training Center for Women
2. Ruhul Amin Chisty Forkania Madrasah


Courier Service

Proudly serving Since 1983. Thousands of Agencies and Sub-agencies with 114 Zonal Offices. We are Available at every nope and corner of the Country


Parcel Service

Continental Parcel Service is trusted by the leading companies of Bangladesh for the distribution of their products and equipment’s


World wide

Our global section is re liable, cost-effective and time-definite. Door-to-door express delivery is provided to worldwide destinations.


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Whether you are an E-commerce start-up business or an established online merchant, wholesaler or a leading multi-channel retailer, econ is here to serve you well with a dedicated experienced team.


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